So the living room when thinking about designis one of my favorite rooms. Why, is because you entertain a lot and I love to entertain. So in the living room you want your sofa to be really comfortable for you, your family,and for your friends coming over. Whichever way you like to entertain, somepeople like a few people. Some people are always entertaining tons of guests. You wantto make sure that your layout is indicative to that, so if you want smaller group settingsfor maybe a group of […]

the goldleaf mirror above the fireplaceis ornamented with a great key motif the grandfather of classic patterns themirror does more than introduce classic lines however it also swings out toreveal a flat-screen TV this kind of cleverly concealed hard-working functionprovides one more clue to the meaning of elegant decorating efficiency appleproducts efficiency makes them the most elegant in their industry the same rulesapply to both interior and industrial a surface of square footage thankfullyis not essential to an elegant design as this cozy living room in the Atlantahome […]

Hi, I’m Karin, I own the design firm Karin Bennett Designshere in Burlington, Ontario. And I’m Jackie, and I’m a Lead Stylist here at Karin BennettDesigns. We’re in downtown Oakville at our clients’ house. This is a historic home, one hundred years old. This is ayoung couple, they have busy careers, they also have two young children. So when we first saw this space, it was redon red, there was a little bit of yellow going on, and it definitely wasn’t what our client wanted. It was too […]

If you've ever been overwhelmed with windowcoverings, particularly the curtains and what to do, and what to choose, then stick withme, I'm going to break down some of my top tips in choosing curtains and window coverings. And make sure to stick to the end becauseI've created something really special to help you out as well. My first tip in choosing your window coveringsis you want to bring the window covering as high up as possible. And I say this one because this is one ofthe biggest sort […]

Hi, I'm Pam and I'm Alan. And these are our kids, Maddie, Pepper, Avery. And we're the Soong family. This is our home, our living room. This is the room where all of the kids spend the most time And as you can see, there are a lot of toys, a lot of books, a lot of art supplies. So this room encapsulates really sort of all of the activities that the kids do. There's no realorganization here. It looks very messy and this is also a room […]

This master bedroom is a trueretreat, complete with some seriously dreamy features. This space is located on theupper level of the house. And it's so private that italmost feels like completely separate living quarters. When you're layingin bed, you've got amazing eye-level viewsof the nature outside. So I stuck with thosesame grays and greens for the interior palette. Behind the bed, I decided tomake a much larger statement by having thatentire wall painted like a vintage Washingtonstate postcard. This master bedroomalso comes with its very own comfortable seating […]

At Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas we always intendto give you the best decoration ideas which can make your task easy and simple. Agreed that many decoration ideas are availableon the internet as well as with the interior decorators, but it is a very difficult taskto choose the best design which can suit your room and make the look of your house complete. So worry not, at dwelling decor you will alwaysbe satisfied with the best of the designs available. This time we are showcasing an amazing galleryof […]

The bedroom is the only room in your homethat lets you undergo an important therapy, what we call as Relaxation! Not only relaxation, it is also a good placeto seek extreme peace. After long and hard working hours, everyonewants to drop their things and head towards the bedroom. For a newly married couple, this area is evenmore special. It is one of those places where they get tospend quality time with each other. So don't you think bedroom decoration anddecor ideas are essential for them? When it comes […]

Nowadays you can notice furniture madeof natural wood at many offices or homes. Since the beginning of time people weredelighted with a lively warmth of a tree, the beauty of nature and unique patterns. UAB BALDINGAS specializes in the manufacture of furniture from naturalwood. Furniture made of oak, ash and birchwood maximally preserves energetics and guarantees incredible durability and reliability. All manufactured furnitureis individually designed, therefore happy customers enjoy functionality and optimally used space in their kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room. UAB BALDINGAS manufacturing department opens the […]

– [Narrator] Hey everybody,welcome to my bedroom tour. Today's video was highlyrequested by a lot of viewers from my other videos, soI popped in here to do like a mini room tour. I don't feel like my roomis actually finished yet. I just kinda spruced it up a little bit just so that I can, you know, show you what I'm working with. I consider my style to be romantic, French, with a sprinkleof modern mixed in. And I don't like toreally rush decorating. I like to take […]

(upbeat hip hop music) – Hey everybody, welcometo my living room tour! If you are new to mychannel, please do me a favor and hit that subscribe button. I'd love for you to stick around and check out some of my other videos. I received so many commentsduring my Christmas video saying, "Show me your house. " And I find it to be superawkward to do that, but why not? So, I hope my design inspires you, but just for the recordI am not a designer. I just […]

Sleep tight knowing that your bedroom looksand feels exactly the way you want it to – the range of IKEA bedroom design ideas will helpyou put together the perfect bedroom that you'll love coming home to at the end of theday. Our modern bedroom ideas will inspire you,whether you're giving your bedroom a simple revamp, or completely renovating it. So if you're looking for ideas on how to decorateyour bedroom, guestroom, or any other room of the house for that matter, you've cometo the right place. You'll be […]